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Fabrication: Mild Steel, Sheet-Metal Work.


Structural Steel Sheet

Structural steel is are the bread and butter of steel fabrication. Designers, architects and engineers choose different sections for their aesthetics and structural qualities – their choices determined by size, weight and profile. There are multiple types of structural steel used in construction that differ in size,...

Chequered Plate

Steel plate is commonly used by structural steel fabricators comes in a huge array of styles, finishes, grades, thicknesses and can be cut to many different sizes, used for a huge array of applications.

Chequered plate is a ubiquitous steel product used for flooring and a number of other applications.

Steel chequered plate, also known as floor plate, are flat plates of metal with collections of square indents for gripping and aesthetic purposes. As their name suggests, they are used in flooring. Thicknesses vary from 3mm to 12mm.

chequered plate is also quite malleable and can be bent or rolled to suit a number of different needs. You may have seen it used for things like tool boxes and storage chests.

If you are considering steel fabrication for a project and would like a professional opinion, we can help. Our team of experts have the experience and knowledge to answer any of your questions about structural steel and will ensure that you find the best solution to suit your needs.

3 Types of Sheet Metal & What They Are Used

Thanks to advanced production and quick turnaround times from metal fabrication companies, sheet metal has become a more popular material in construction


If having a cost-friendly sturdy flat sheet of metal is more important to you than the finished look, hot rolled steel is a solid option. It is formed by placing steel through hot rollers that reach temps up to 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit. While easy and quick to produce, it often has surface imperfections. It is typically used to achieve thicknesses between 1/16 and 5/16 of an inch.

Cold Rolled Steel

When surface finish is important to your sheet metal project, choose cold rolled steel. This goes through the same process as hot rolled steel but is also rinsed with acid and heat treated to produce a thin, smooth sheet. It is typically more durable than hot rolled steel but still easy to work with.

Mild Steel

This is a type of cold rolled steel that is designed to have less carbon than other forms of sheet metal. Its chemical makeup is ideal for welding and is commonly used in auto body construction.

The bending sheet work also Pavana industries doing for stair tread, platforms, Mezzanine floors etc...